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Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing services in Hepburn & Daylesford.

All your yard needs will be met with our lawn care options in Hepburn. The professional lawn mowing services you can rely on all year round for the best-looking grass and turf in town. We offer packages & custom jobs with flexible plans so you can choose what suits you today and then what suits you better next month too!

Our professionals provide a range of lawn care services including aeration, fertilization, weed control, and more!

Why choose us?

Local Daylesford gardening and lawn mowing services

Our Local knowledge set us apart and is a great reason to choose us for your lawn mowing needs. We are locally owned and familiar with the Hepburn climate. We are passionate about native plants and protecting the natural environment. We love nothing more than to maintain a yard's natural land, regenerate native species and encourage wildlife to thrive.

Our professionals are local operators with years of lawn care and mowing experience in Hepburn and regional Victoria.

Quality & Reliable lawn care

Our team has been operating in the neighbourhood for years relying on word of mouth for our customer referrals. With nothing to lose and a great lawn to gain you should call us for a free quote and a friendly chat about your lawn. Our crew is fully insured and police checked too! With every professional lawn cut backed by our service guarantee.

Professional lawn cut

Our equipment and tools complement our expertise and care for the environment. We use a combination of hand, electric and petrol power tools depending on the size and needs of the job. We use a variety of mowing techniques to ensure a great cut, appropriate to the variety and health of the lawn.

You are in control

How often you want us to mow your grass will depend on your needs, the type and condition of grass, and the season. You can request a once off lawn mowing service or a regular mowing service. Choose from a package or customize it to suit your changing needs. Add watering, weed control, and a range of garden maintenance or outdoor cleaning services. You get a convenient full property management profession at your service or you can request a quick lawn cut.

Our expert lawn team comes to you, bringing local knowledge and the best tools to get your lawn in shape.

Thanks for giving me my weekend back it saves me about an hour of time that I'd otherwise spend doing all of these things myself. But what's even better is that when I pay someone else to do this for me, they do it so much more thoroughly than if I were doing it myself.


What does a typical mowing job include?

We provide fair-priced lawn mowing and turf care services. Mowing the lawn is arguably the easiest part, but to get it perfect takes a few more steps. We first perform a general tidy of any objects or large debris. Next, we finish the edging around your garden beds and keep it neat around the edges of your driveways and paths. We remove long grass from tight corners or hard-to-reach nooks. We then set the lawnmower blade height to suit your lawn and get to mowing systematically and evenly. Finally, we bag the lawn clippings for compost or reuse for mulch around your plants or trees. When we are done cutting all sections evenly, we use the blow vac to tidy up debris. Ask us about our quick pro-cut mow options or finish your mowing with an even coat of water to keep each blade healthy and green!

We also provide water systems, seeding, turf laying, yard clean-up, and green waste disposal. Our team does a great job cleaning gutters, trimming trees hedges and bushes, and we can even customize a full garden care package for one low price.

Mowing for Commercial Clients

We specialize in residential properties and Airbnb's, however commercial customers are welcome to enquire about ongoing or emergencies works. An overgrown lawn is not a difficult task to get back under control, and finding a reliable garden care expert is no longer a chore. We do a brilliant job the first time and understand the importance of first impressions for your clients.

If you have an Airbnb property your lawn needs to be perfect every time a guest arrives, and an overgrown garden can make or break a new 5-star review. We even have cleaning services or we can supplement your BnB cleaners with our handy pre-guest house preparation options, that can be conveniently scheduled with your yard and garden maintenance.

We offer custom solutions to meet your needs and budget at perfectly reasonable prices


Fun Fact: How Green is your lawn?

A healthy sod lawn can filter rainwater, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen into it. Grass also provides fertile turf for other plants to grow well. It's important for your lawn because grasses naturally produce alcohol called "liquefied organic matter" (LOM). These LOMs break down, releasing acetate and ethyl ester molecules that contain helpful nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium which helps produce robust leaves within our leafy friends!

How much will it cost to have my lawns done?  

Before our professional gardeners get started on your mowing schedule, we need to know more about the entire lawn area and understand your garden features. Larger properties may require an onsite inspection to quote but you can also send us photos or videos to help explain what gardening services you want. We are always happy to give a ballpark estimate over the phone and attend you house for an accurate quote of your mowing needs

For your regularly scheduled lawn mowing services in Hepburn and other surrounding areas, contact us today!

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