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What is overseeding?

Without turning the soil, adding seed to your current grass is known as overseeding. This adds more colour to your lawn, improves the thickness of your grass, and often involves introducing new grass varieties. You'll be able to fill in areas that might be bare and thicken and strengthen your current lawn. Overseeding also helps prevent weeds and diseases from taking hold in new grass, allowing it to retain its vibrant colour longer in the summer months.

A few Quick Tid Bits about Overseeding.

  • If you have bare patches in your lawn, over-seeding is one of the best ways to fix it
  • Over-seeding your grass can actually make it greener, With the right tools and a little work, you'll have a lawn that's as healthy as can be.
  • The Best time to oversead is AutumnĀ and Spring
  • Overseeding is a great way to keep your grass healthy, especially if you have areas of your lawn that are overtaken by weeds. Thicker grass can make it more difficult for weeds to grow
  • It can help improve lawn health especially with the addition of fertilisers for the see and extra attention to watering and weeding,

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