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Three Pro Tips for hedge trimming for a fast-growing garden

Tips for Choosing Pruning Tools and Scheduling Hedge Trimming

Growing hedges is a great way to add privacy and curb appeal to your property. But if you want them to look their best, trimming and pruning are necessary. There are many different ways to trim hedges, and they all depend on the type, age and size of your hedge. In this article, we will talk about how to trim hedges with different tools and methods. We'll also discuss when it's appropriate for hedge trimming depending on the type of plant that you have!

Hedges well maintained in daylesford for high growth in summer
Perfectly Maintained For High Growth

Prepare your hedges for high growth

Trimming should be done during the spring and up until the end of the summer, when it is high growth season, to stimulate growth in a hedge. Remove around one-fourth of the old growth each year and cut it off the ground. Trim hedges wider at the bottom than higher up to trim less often, but trim more frequently at higher levels.

Daylesford gardener - three pro tips for hedge trimming for a fast-growing garden

Selecting which garden tools you'll require

Determine which hedge trimming tools you'll need, such as secateurs, hand shears, or loppers. Trimming tools are determined by the sort, age, and size of your hedge.

Hand shears are ideal for trimming shrubs that are less than five feet wide. However, when it comes to bigger bushes, pruning saws or secateurs should be used..Before new growth begins in the spring or early summer, one-fourth of the previous year's growth should be removed using hand shears or trimming saws.

Start by removing any dead branches with hand shears and then thin out the top of your shrub using them as well. Secateurs are an excellent way to trim large leaves that are hard. Only branches that are less than an inch thick should be trimmed using secateurs. The best tool for trimming a hedge is hand shears. They're ideal for removing dead branches and thinning out the top of your shrub to avoid it getting too big and bushy. Loppers are used to remove bigger branches up to two inches in diameter from your hedge plantings.

Daylesford gardener - three pro tips for hedge trimming for a fast-growing garden
Professional Hedge Trimming

Pruning and trimming are an important aspect of garden maintenance.

It may be tough to know where to begin, but with the right information, you'll have a lot easier time picking the ideal equipment for trimming your hedges. If you've never trimmed or pruned your hedges before, the first step is to figure out what kind of hedge trimming schedule would be ideal for your plants and how you want them to grow.

We also offer expert advice on how to keep your hedge looking beautiful. Find out more about our services by contacting The Daylesford Gardener.

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