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Three Simple Lawn Mowing Tips

Mow like a pro tips - lawn mowing tips for the perfect lawn
Our Tips for Great Lawn Mowing

You really need to know what you are doing if you want to mow like a professional so we have some great lawn mowing tips for you here.

The first step is to get into a good lawn care routine - though you may have to make allowances for your local weather conditions.

Here are a few more lawn mowing tips

Set your lawn mower blade height

Set your mowing blade to a height for a lawn around 4-5 cm from the ground. Taller grass will be more susceptible to overheating and drying out as biomass is lost. With regular mowing you can get into a good routine and always cut at the top third this is the most optimal height to promote healthy growth, abo.

Mow at the right time of the day

Spring lawns start greening up in late August or early September, so it's important to have your mowing routine down by then. Late afternoon is the best time to cut a new lawn, water immediately after and between then and morning the grass and soil has a great opportunity to absorb the water. The morning will work if no other option is available, or if your lawn is already established and hardwiring. There is a risk that heat stress on hot days or when little water is available can damage your lawn or reduce a healthy appearance.

Do the garden and path edging first

Make sure the edges around the yard have been trimmed first, use a whipper snipper or line trimmer to get into corners or difficult to reach areas.

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