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How to Trim Hedges the Right Way?

Daylesford gardener - how to trim hedges the right way?
Professional Hedge Trimming

Trim Hedges with ease and have your garden looking great. It's really important to be wary of the natural growth pattern of your hedges and trimming whatever part of the hedge you normally wouldn't. Making sure you don't break branches off of established plants is the most important aspect of maintaining healthy hedges.

General Tips to trim hedges

While different types of hedges will require a slightly different schedule, there are some general things you can do:

  • Most Hedges should be trimmed on a monthly cycle (or more often depending on growth).
  • Ignore any little sprouts that come along; let them grow into their own plant before cutting them down again.
  • Divide out sections with slower, more sparse growth as they may not get cut as often as other sections.
  • Select the appropriate gardeneing tools like secateurs shears, a cordless or electric trimmer, clipper blade on some tools, or more exotic trimming devices.

Want to find out more? Read our article on 3 Pro Tips for hedge trimming for a fast-growing garden or contacting The Daylesford Gardener for expert advice on maintaining your hedges

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