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Can you just sprinkle grass seed on the lawn?

There are many ways to improve the look of your lawn, using grass seed can help even out bare patches and thicken your lawn. When grass seed is directly applied to the lawn or if you don't want to sow or work the seeds into the ground, it's best combined with topsoil and a fertizer. Sowing new lawn seed in your existing grass rejuvenates it and brightens it. It's a wonderful method to revitalize your grass when youngsters, pets, and seasonal factors take a toll on it.

Make sure the season and weather are right for seeding.

The ideal time to seed grass is spring or autumn, depending on your region and grass type. al time to seed grass is spring or autumn, depending on your region and grass type. If the weather is cold or excessively hot and dry, you should wait until the conditions have passed to plant grass seed for optimum results

It's possible to try planting seeds during the offseason, but it might result in slower growth and may reduce the chance of the new grass surviving.

Use the right type of grass seed for your area

Using the same regions shown above, you’ll want to buy a grass seed type that grows best in your climate.

Grasses suited for cooler climates thrive in the spring and autumn when temperatures are lower such as in Australia's cooler states like Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and some areas of New South Wales.  

  • Ryegrass
  • Fine Fescue
  • Tall Fescue,
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Bentgrass

The warm season grasses on the other hand, have greater heat and drought tolerance and thrive in tropical climates like Northern New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

  • Kikuyu grass
  • Buffalo grass,
  • Couch grass  

Benefits to adding more seed to your lawn.

Oversowing your lawn with extra seed revitalizes it, fills in gaps, thickens and strengthens it, and protects it from weeds and diseases.

Overseeding helps keep your grass green in the summer months by keeping it brighter. In the drier months, overseeding aids new grass in retaining its vibrant color. A freshly sown lawn grows stronger roots than previous grasses, and a lawn that has been oversown is less likely to grow weeds.

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