What is overseeding?

Without turning the soil, adding seed to your current grass is known as overseeding. This adds more colour to your lawn, improves the thickness of your grass, and often involves introducing new grass varieties. You'll be able to fill in areas that might be bare and thicken and strengthen your current lawn. Overseeding also helps prevent weeds and diseases from taking hold in new grass, allowing it to retain its vibrant colour longer in the summer months.

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Three Simple Lawn Mowing Tips

The first step is to get into a good lawn care routine - though you may have to make allowances for your local weather conditions.
Mower blade height -Set your mowing blade to a height for a lawn around 4-5 cm from the ground.
Time of day - Spring lawns start greening up in late August or early September, so it's important to have your mowing routine down by then.
Edging first - Make sure the edges around the yard have been trimmed first, use a whipper snipper or line trimmer to get into corners or difficult to reach areas.

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Find the best gardener in Daylesford

You know, hiring someone new is tough. I always recommend that you find an expert with years of experience and credibility in their field who’s confident enough to ask for guidance when necessary while also giving valuable input into decisions.
There are plenty of people out there who will be happy and willing to share their expertise with you. Who knows, maybe they even live close by! Searching on Facebook for gardening communities or asking your neighbours can help get started Ask others what the best gardener in town is doing - if that doesn't work look at reviews online until you find the best one for you
When you're looking for a new home services provider, it is always good to have some specific requirements or designs in mind. One way of doing this would be by checking out past clients who are through gooogle my business reviews or other online review sites.
Always consider what their attitude is like, too, because they will be in and around your home, and posibly around your family too. Ask for a police check, working with children check, Insurance and any other credentials you see fit to ask for. At the end of the day you are the king of your castle and you should carefully select who has access to your home or yard.

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How to Trim Hedges the Right Way?

Most Hedges should be trimmed on a monthly cycle (or more often depending on growth).
Ignore any little sprouts that come along; let them grow into their own plant before cutting them down again.
Divide out sections with slower, more sparse growth as they may not get cut as often as other sections.
Select the appropriate gardeneing tools like secateurs shears, a cordless or electric trimmer, clipper blade on some tools, or more exotic trimming devices.

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Is it possible to bring back dead grass or plants?

When plants or grass can be simply pulled from the ground, they are typically not recoverable and are almost certainly dead. When the roots continue to keep hold, it is an indication that the plants or grass are dormant. To rehydrate plants and grass, water them

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Should grass clippings be left on the lawn?

Recycled grass clippings combined with a lawn fertilizer can be used to feed your grass and make it look better and healthier.

You can leave your lawn clippings on the ground for some time to come. If you don't mind how it looks at first, grass clippings will break down over time and add nutrients to the soil beneath the grass.

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Can you just sprinkle grass seed on the lawn?

There are many ways to improve the look of your lawn, using grass seed can help even out bare patches and thicken your lawn. When grass seed is directly applied to the lawn or if you don't want to sow or work the seeds into the ground, it's best combined with topsoil and a fertizer. Sowing new lawn seed in your existing grass rejuvenates it and brightens it. It's a wonderful method to revitalize your grass when youngsters, pets, and seasonal factors take a toll on it.

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Does frequent mowing thicken grass?

Get lush dense grass with frequent mowing! Yes! When you cut grass at the right length, in regular intervals and have a little extra know how. - Mowing your grass more often will help it regenerate thicker. The grass that is cut is encouraged to grow sideways rather than upwards. A hormone is released when […]

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Lawn mowing frequency, How often should I mow the grass?

The best way to keep a lawn looking great is with a regular mowing schedule. For the majority of the year, I recommend every 7–10 days. In summer and spring, however, you should trim back your grass more frequently because it grows faster. A good lawn mowing schedule is about every second week in summer and spring. You only have to mow twice every month or so in autumn and winter, and you'll end up with a great looking yard that will impress everyone!

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